From the Renaissance to present day. From the concert hall to the jazz club. From the church to the movie screen. The Hickory Brass entertains audiences with humor and excitement by featuring music that spans over 400 years. Whether performing high energy jazz, soulful ballads, or noble classics, the Hickory Brass creatively arranges each musical number to tell a story. These stories are woven into a program designed to give the listener a window into the power of music to create a deep and substantial connection to the people, places and events that shape our history.

Based in Philadelphia, PA, the Hickory Brass is a collection of the world's finest and most accomplished brass musicians. Each performer brings decades of performance and touring experience and professionalism to the concert stage.

As an ensemble, the Hickory Brass has been featured on national TV as well as in performance in concert venues throughout the North East US.

The Hickory Brass is available for the following types of performances

  • Concerts
  • Weddings
  • Church Services
  • Choral and Orchestral Concerts
  • Private Parties & Functions
  • Educational Outreach Concerts and Clinics